Rewriting is one approach. Rethinking another.

We love breaking new ground. To create something new. Or to reconnect the familiar in new ways. Best of all, it never gets boring!

  1. Ownership instead of sponsorship
    Ownership instead of sponsorship.

    Sponsoring is so yesterday. Rather, we create communication platforms entirely owned and controlled by the brand, such as the Audi Cup. It's the ideal way to activate your brand assets. Does it take big thinking and lots of work? Sure. But that's what we're here for – from the strategic conception and creation of new platforms to refinancing approaches.

  2. Boost your Start-up.

    Start-up's tick to a different beat. As they should. Nevertheless, they need someone who can develop a strategy with them on how to establish themselves in the market successfully. We are that someone. Working in small, specialized agile teams, we develop communication for your next investment round or launch. We are also happy to advise intrapreneurship in large companies and drive the processes forward.

    Boost your Start-up
  3. Innovation Camp? 24h Challenge? What?
    Innovation Camp? 24h Challenge? What?

    Any idea what we're talking about? No problem. Just read on. Or even better, give us a call. We have created two tools that will make you even more innovative: The Innovation Camp, where we present the start-up scene to you in a workshop style. And the 24h Challenge – where you give us a task and we develop innovative solutions within 24 hours.

Further questions?
Further questions?